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Natural Product Statistics

Total Number of Compounds in NP-MRD87,290
Number of Compounds from HMDB887
Number of Compounds from BMRB284
Number of Compounds from JEOL CH-NMR-NP19,025
Number of Compounds from NPATLAS20,456
Number of Compounds from NP-MRD Team Backfilling2112
Number of Compounds deposited via NPN-Dep90
Number of Compounds with Experimental Spectra1209
Number of Compounds with Experimental NMR Assignments20,795
Number of Compounds with Simulated NMR Spectra20,717
Number of Compounds with Predicted NMR Spectra39,990

Spectra Statistics

Total Number of Experimental NMR Spectra1,975
Number of Experimental 1D NMR Spectra1,192
Number of Experimental 2D NMR Spectra783
Number of Experimental 1H NMR Spectra846
Number of Experimental 13C NMR Spectra346
Total Number of Simulated NMR Spectra408,293
Number of Simulated 1H NMR Spectra204,039
Number of Simulated 13C NMR Spectra204,254
Total Number of Predicted NMR Spectra799,806
Number of Predicted 1H NMR Spectra399,929
Number of Predicted 13C NMR Spectra399,877
Total Number of Spectra (experimental, simulated and predicted)1,210,074