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Record Information
Created at2006-05-22 14:17:50 UTC
Updated at2024-04-19 10:08:38 UTC
NP-MRD IDNP0000372
Secondary Accession NumbersNone
Natural Product Identification
Common NameOleanolic acid
DescriptionOleanolic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene, found in the non-glyceride fraction of olive pomace oil (Olive pomace oil, also known as "orujo" olive oil, is a blend of refined-pomace oil and virgin olive oil, fit for human consumption). Pentacyclic triterpenes are natural compounds which are widely distributed in plants. These natural products have been demonstrated to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Triterpenoids have been reported to possess antioxidant properties, since they prevent lipid peroxidation and suppress superoxide anion generation. The triterpenes have a history of medicinal use in many Asian countries. Oleanolic acid exhibits both pro- and anti-inflammatory properties depending on chemical structure and dose and may be useful in modulating the immune response; further studies are required to confirm the immunomodulatory behaviour of this triterpenoid, and characterise the mechanisms underlying the biphasic nature of some aspects of the inflammatory response. Oleanolic acid is a ubiquitous triterpenoid in plant kingdom, medicinal herbs, and is an integral part of the human diet. During the last decade over 700 research articles have been published on triterpenoids research, reflecting tremendous interest and progress in our understanding of these compounds. This included the isolation and purification of these tritepernoids from various plants and herbs, the chemical modifications to make more effective and water soluble derivatives, the pharmacological research on their beneficial effects, the toxicity studies, and the clinical use of these triterpenoids in various diseases including anticancer chemotherapies. (PMID: 17292619 , 15522132 , 15994040 ).
3beta-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidChEBI
Astrantiagenin CChEBI
Giganteumgenin CChEBI
Oleanic acidChEBI
Virgaureagenin bChEBI
3b-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidGenerator
3Β-hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidGenerator
(3-beta)-3-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
(3.beta.)-3-beta-hydroxy-olean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
(3.beta.)-3-hydroxy-olean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
(4AS,5S,6as,6BR,8R,8ar,10S,12ar,12BR,14BS)-10-hydroxy-2,2,6a,6b,9,9,12a-heptamethyl-1,3,4,5,6,6a,6b,7,8,8a,9,10,11,12,12a,12b,13,14b-octadecahydro-2H-picene-4a-carboxylic acidHMDB
3-beta-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
3.beta.-hydroxy-olean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
3beta-Hydroxy-olean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
Oleanane triterpenesHMDB
Triterpenes, oleananeHMDB
(3beta)-3-Hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
(3Β)-3-hydroxyolean-12-en-28-Oic acidHMDB
(+)-Oleanolic acidHMDB
Gledigenin 1HMDB
Oleonolic acidHMDB
Chemical FormulaC30H48O3
Average Mass456.7110 Da
Monoisotopic Mass456.36035 Da
IUPAC Name(4aS,6aS,6bR,8aR,10S,12aR,12bR,14bS)-10-hydroxy-2,2,6a,6b,9,9,12a-heptamethyl-1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,6a,6b,7,8,8a,9,10,11,12,12a,12b,13,14b-icosahydropicene-4a-carboxylic acid
Traditional Nameoleanolic acid
CAS Registry Number508-02-1
InChI Identifier
Experimental Spectra
Spectrum TypeDescriptionDepositor EmailDepositor OrganizationDepositorDeposition DateView
HSQC NMR[1H, 13C] NMR Spectrum (2D, 600 MHz, CD3OD, experimental)bgnzk@missouri.eduMU Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO, USADr. Bharat Goel2024-02-02View Spectrum
HMBC NMR[1H, 13C] NMR Spectrum (2D, 600 MHz, CD3OD, experimental)bgnzk@missouri.eduMU Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO, USADr. Bharat Goel2024-02-02View Spectrum
COSY NMR[1H, 1H] NMR Spectrum (2D, 600 MHz, CD3OD, experimental)bgnzk@missouri.eduMU Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO, USADr. Bharat Goel2024-02-02View Spectrum
1D NMR[13C, ] NMR Spectrum (2D, 201 MHz, CD3OD, experimental)bgnzk@missouri.eduMU Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO, USADr. Bharat Goel2024-02-02View Spectrum
1D NMR[1H, ] NMR Spectrum (2D, 600 MHz, CD3OD, experimental)bgnzk@missouri.eduMU Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri, Columbia. MO, USADr. Bharat Goel2024-02-02View Spectrum
2D NMR[1H, 13C]-HSQC NMR Spectrum (2D, 600 MHz, 100%_DMSO, experimental)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
Predicted Spectra
Spectrum TypeDescriptionDepositor IDDepositor OrganizationDepositorDeposition DateView
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 25 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 252 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 50 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 75 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 101 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 126 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 151 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 176 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 201 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
1D NMR13C NMR Spectrum (1D, 226 MHz, D2O, predicted)Wishart LabWishart LabDavid Wishart2021-06-20View Spectrum
Chemical Shift Submissions
Not Available
Species of Origin
Species NameSourceReference
Acaena magellanicaLOTUS Database
Acaena splendensLOTUS Database
Acanthopanax senticosusKNApSAcK Database
Acanthopanax sessiliflorusKNApSAcK Database
Acer triflorumLOTUS Database
Aceriphyllum rossiiKNApSAcK Database
Achillea teretifoliaLOTUS Database
Achyranthes asperaKNApSAcK Database
Achyranthes bidentataKNApSAcK Database
Acridocarpus vivyKNApSAcK Database
Adenanthera pavoninaLOTUS Database
Agastache rugosusKNApSAcK Database
Ageratina ligustrinaLOTUS Database
Ajuga parvifloraLOTUS Database
Akebia quinataKNApSAcK Database
Akebia trifoliataLOTUS Database
Albizia schimperianaLOTUS Database
Albizzia lebbeckKNApSAcK Database
Alchemilla faeroensisLOTUS Database
Alibertia edulisLOTUS Database
Alibertia macrophyllaLOTUS Database
Alibertia sessilisLOTUS Database
Allium cepaKNApSAcK Database
Allium sativumFooDB
Almeidea coeruleaLOTUS Database
Alsophila giganteaLOTUS Database
Alyxia levineiLOTUS Database
Ammi majusLOTUS Database
Amphipterygium adstringensLOTUS Database
Anabasis articulataLOTUS Database
Anas platyrhynchosFooDB
Anemone raddeanaLOTUS Database
Anemone tomentosaLOTUS Database
Anethum foeniculumPlant
Anoectochilus roxburghiiLOTUS Database
Anredera diffusaLOTUS Database
Anser anserFooDB
Aralia chinensisKNApSAcK Database
Aralia cordataKNApSAcK Database
Aralia decaisneanaLOTUS Database
Aralia elataKNApSAcK Database
Aralia leschenaultiiLOTUS Database
Aristolochia manshuriensisKNApSAcK Database
Arrabidaea chicaLOTUS Database
Artemisia annuaLOTUS Database
Asclepias speciosaLOTUS Database
Aster oharaiLOTUS Database
Astrantia majorKNApSAcK Database
Atractylis carduusLOTUS Database
Atriplex leucocladaLOTUS Database
Atropa acuminataLOTUS Database
Baccharis boliviensisLOTUS Database
Baccharis chilcoLOTUS Database
Baccharis flabellataLOTUS Database
Baccharis heterophyllaKNApSAcK Database
Baccharis incarumLOTUS Database
Baccharis neaeiLOTUS Database
Baccharis paniculataLOTUS Database
Baccharis patagonicaLOTUS Database
Baccharis salicinaKNApSAcK Database
Baccharis sarothroidesKNApSAcK Database
Baccharis tolaLOTUS Database
Baccharis vaccinoidesKNApSAcK Database
Backhousia angustifoliaLOTUS Database
Ballota limbataKNApSAcK Database
Banisteriopsis caapiLOTUS Database
Bauhinia purpureaLOTUS Database
Begonia nantoensisLOTUS Database
Bellis perennisLOTUS Database
Berberis vulgarisLOTUS Database
Bergia capensisLOTUS Database
Bersama abyssinicaLOTUS Database
Bersama swinnyiLOTUS Database
Bersama swinyiKNApSAcK Database
Beta vulgarisKNApSAcK Database
Betula alnoidesLOTUS Database
Betula davuricaLOTUS Database
Betula ermaniiLOTUS Database
Betula papyriferaLOTUS Database
Betula platyphyllaLOTUS Database
Betula schmidtiiLOTUS Database
Bidens subalternansLOTUS Database
Bison bisonFooDB
Blepharis linariifoliaLOTUS Database
Blepharis sindicaKNApSAcK Database
Bobgunnia madagascariensisLOTUS Database
Bos taurusFooDB
Bos taurus X Bison bisonFooDB
Boschniakia rossicaLOTUS Database
Broussonetia kazinokiKNApSAcK Database
Broussonetia papyriferaLOTUS Database
Brucea javanicaLOTUS Database
Bruguiera gymnorhizaLOTUS Database
Bubalus bubalisFooDB
Buddleja asiaticaLOTUS Database
Buddleja lindleyanaLOTUS Database
Byrsonima crassifoliaLOTUS Database
Cacalia hastataLOTUS Database
Calendula officinalisKNApSAcK Database
Callicarpa arboreaKNApSAcK Database
Calophyllum inophyllumLOTUS Database
Camellia japonicaLOTUS Database
Camellia oleiferaLOTUS Database
Campsis grandifloraKNApSAcK Database
Cantinoa mutabilisLOTUS Database
Capra aegagrus hircusFooDB
Carissa carandasLOTUS Database
Caryocar microcarpumLOTUS Database
Cassia siamea Lamk.KNApSAcK Database
Cassinia laevisLOTUS Database
Casuarina equisetifoliaLOTUS Database
Catharanthus roseusPlant
Cedrela fissilisLOTUS Database
Celosia argenteaLOTUS Database
Centaurea benedictaLOTUS Database
Centaurea cachanahuenKNApSAcK Database
Centaurea cuneifoliaLOTUS Database
Centranthus longiflorus ssp. longiflorusKNApSAcK Database
Cephalaria giganteaLOTUS Database
Cephalaria transsylvanicaKNApSAcK Database
Cercocarpus montanusLOTUS Database
Ceriops tagalKNApSAcK Database
Cervus canadensisFooDB
Chaenomeles japonicaKNApSAcK Database
Chaenomeles lagenariaKNApSAcK Database
Chaenomeles sinensisKNApSAcK Database
Chaenomeles speciosaPlant
Chaetanthera chilensisLOTUS Database
Chamerion angustifolium-
Chenopodium albumFooDB
Chenopodium ficifoliumLOTUS Database
Chenopodium quinoaFooDB
Chiococca albaKNApSAcK Database
Citrus trifoliataLOTUS Database
Clematis chinensisLOTUS Database
Clematis montanaLOTUS Database
Clerodendranthus spicatus-
Clerodendrum indicumLOTUS Database
Clinopodium umbrosumLOTUS Database
Clusia columnarisLOTUS Database
Clusia roseaLOTUS Database
Coleus aromaticusPlant
Coleus parishiiLOTUS Database
Coleus xanthanthusLOTUS Database
Combretum punctatumLOTUS Database
Conandron ramondioides Zucc.Plant
Condea albidaLOTUS Database
Condea verticillataLOTUS Database
Corchorus olitoriusLOTUS Database
Cordia trichotomaLOTUS Database
Coriaria nepalensisLOTUS Database
Cornus officinalisKNApSAcK Database
Couepia paraensisLOTUS Database
Couepia polyandraKNApSAcK Database
Couepia uleiLOTUS Database
Coussarea paniculataKNApSAcK Database
Crataegus pentagynaLOTUS Database
Crataegus pinnatifidaLOTUS Database
Crepis capillaris (L.) Wallr.LOTUS Database
Crocus sativusFooDB
Cunila lythrifoliaLOTUS Database
Cuscuta reflexaLOTUS Database
Cussonia natalensisLOTUS Database
Cyclocarya paliurusLOTUS Database
Cyclolepis genistoidesLOTUS Database
Cyclotrichium niveumLOTUS Database
Cydonia oblongaLOTUS Database
Cynara humilisLOTUS Database
Cyperus rotundusLOTUS Database
Dalbergia sissoidesLOTUS Database
Daphne oleoidesLOTUS Database
Debregeasia salicifoliaLOTUS Database
Dendrobium densiflorumLOTUS Database
Dialium guineenseLOTUS Database
Diospyros castaneaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros caulifloraKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros curraniiKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros evenaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros kakiKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros malanonilauKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros maritimaLOTUS Database
Diospyros melanoxylonKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros mollisLOTUS Database
Diospyros montanaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros mooniiKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros oblongifoliaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros peregrinaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros tomentosaKNApSAcK Database
Diospyros zombensisKNApSAcK Database
Dracocephalum forrestiiLOTUS Database
Dracocephalum kotschyiKNApSAcK Database
Dromaius novaehollandiaeFooDB
Dryobalanops aromaticaKNApSAcK Database
Drypetes inaequalisKNApSAcK Database
Drypetes laciniataLOTUS Database
Duboisia myoporoidesLOTUS Database
Duhaldea cappaPlant
Duranta erectaLOTUS Database
Eclipta albaLOTUS Database
Ekebergia capensisKNApSAcK Database
Elaeagnus angustifoliaKNApSAcK Database
Eleutherococcus senticosusPlant
Elliottia paniculataLOTUS Database
Empetrum nigrumLOTUS Database
Engelhardia roxburghianaKNApSAcK Database
Enkianthus cernuusKNApSAcK Database
Equisetum arvenseLOTUS Database
Equus caballusFooDB
Erigeron canadensisLOTUS Database
Eriobotrya japonicaFooDB
Eryngium macrocalyxLOTUS Database
Erythrina crista-galliLOTUS Database
Erythrina indicaKNApSAcK Database
Erythrina senegalensisKNApSAcK Database
Erythrina variegataPlant
Eucalyptus albensLOTUS Database
Eucalyptus camaldulensisLOTUS Database
Eucalyptus camaldulensis var.obtusaKNApSAcK Database
Eucalyptus occidentalisKNApSAcK Database
Eucalyptus perrinianaLOTUS Database
Eucalyptus robustaLOTUS Database
Euclea crispaLOTUS Database
Euonymus alatusLOTUS Database
Euphorbia dracunculoidesLOTUS Database
Euphorbia micractinaLOTUS Database
Euphorbia paraliasKNApSAcK Database
Euphorbia portlandicaLOTUS Database
Euptelea polyandraLOTUS Database
Evolvulus nummulariusLOTUS Database
Eysenhardtia platycarpaKNApSAcK Database
Fabiana australisLOTUS Database
Fabiana imbricataLOTUS Database
Fagonia indicaLOTUS Database
Fatsia japonicaLOTUS Database
Fernandoa adenophyllaLOTUS Database
Ficaria verna Hudson-
Ficus caricaFooDB
Ficus cordataLOTUS Database
Ficus microcarpaLOTUS Database
Ficus nervosaLOTUS Database
Foeniculum vulgareKNApSAcK Database
Forsythia suspensaKNApSAcK Database
Fridericia triplinerviaLOTUS Database
Gallus gallusFooDB
Garcinia polyanthaKNApSAcK Database
Garcinia smeathmanniiLOTUS Database
Garcinia vilersianaKNApSAcK Database
Gardenia saxatilisLOTUS Database
Gardenia ternifoliaLOTUS Database
Gentiana algidaLOTUS Database
Gentiana loureiriiKNApSAcK Database
Gentiana macrophyllaLOTUS Database
Gentiana siphonanthaLOTUS Database
Gentiana tibeticaLOTUS Database
Gentianella floridaLOTUS Database
Geranium platyanthumLOTUS Database
Geum rivaleLOTUS Database
Glechoma hederaceaLOTUS Database
Gleditsia sinensisKNApSAcK Database
Gleditsia triacanthosLOTUS Database
Glossogyne tenuifoliaLOTUS Database
Gochnatia hypoleucaLOTUS Database
Godmania aesculifoliaLOTUS Database
Gonocaryum calleryanumKNApSAcK Database
Guaiacum officinaleLOTUS Database
Guazuma ulmifoliaLOTUS Database
Gustavia hexapetalaLOTUS Database
Gymnema sylvestreLOTUS Database
Gypsophila struthiumKNApSAcK Database
Halenia ellipticaLOTUS Database
Haplophyllum acutifoliumLOTUS Database
Hedera colchicaLOTUS Database
Hedera pastuchowiiLOTUS Database
Hedyotis auriculariaLOTUS Database
Hedyotis lawsoniaeLOTUS Database
Helianthus annuus L.FooDB
Helichrysum arenariumLOTUS Database
Helichrysum formosissimumLOTUS Database
Helichrysum forskahliiKNApSAcK Database
Helichrysum reflexumLOTUS Database
Helicteres angustifoliaKNApSAcK Database
Helicteres isoraLOTUS Database
Heliopsis helianthoidesLOTUS Database
Hemsleya amabilisLOTUS Database
Heptapleurum heptaphyllumLOTUS Database
Heptapleurum rhododendrifoliumLOTUS Database
Heptapleurum venulosumLOTUS Database
Hertia pallensLOTUS Database
Heteropanax fragransLOTUS Database
Hippophae rhamnoidesLOTUS Database
Holoptelea integrifoliaLOTUS Database
Hoslundia oppositaLOTUS Database
Hymenodictyon excelsumLOTUS Database
Hymenodictyon orixenseLOTUS Database
Hypericum monogynumLOTUS Database
Hypericum patulumLOTUS Database
Hypericum wightianumLOTUS Database
Hyptis capitataKNApSAcK Database
Hyptis suaveolensLOTUS Database
Hyssopus officinalis L.FooDB
Hyssopus seravschanicusLOTUS Database
Ilex aquifoliumLOTUS Database
Ilex asprellaKNApSAcK Database
Ilex latifoliaLOTUS Database
Ilex paraguariensisLOTUS Database
Ilex pubescensKNApSAcK Database
Incarvillea delavayiLOTUS Database
Inula cappaKNApSAcK Database
Isertia haenkeanaLOTUS Database
Isodon calcicolaLOTUS Database
Isodon coetsaLOTUS Database
Isodon eriocalyxLOTUS Database
Isodon inflexusLOTUS Database
Isodon japonicaKNApSAcK Database
Isodon japonicusLOTUS Database
Isodon loxothyrsusLOTUS Database
Isodon macrocalyxLOTUS Database
Isodon oresbiusLOTUS Database
Isodon phyllostachysKNApSAcK Database
Isodon rubescensPlant
Isodon yuennanensisLOTUS Database
Ixeridium gracileLOTUS Database
Ixeris japonicaLOTUS Database
Ixora coccineaLOTUS Database
Jasminum grandiflorumLOTUS Database
Juglans regiaLOTUS Database
Junellia toniniiLOTUS Database
Junellia tridensKNApSAcK Database
Jurinea deltoideaLOTUS Database
Kalopanax septemlobusLOTUS Database
Lagopus mutaFooDB
Lantana camaraLOTUS Database
Lantana indicaLOTUS Database
Lantana montevidensisLOTUS Database
Lantana strigocamaraLOTUS Database
Lardizabala biternataLOTUS Database
Lavandula angustifoliaLOTUS Database
Lavandula canariensisKNApSAcK Database
Lavandula multifidaLOTUS Database
Lecanthus peduncularisLOTUS Database
Leontopodium nanumLOTUS Database
Lepechinia caulescensLOTUS Database
Lepechinia meyeniiLOTUS Database
Leptospermum polygalifoliumLOTUS Database
Lepus timidusFooDB
Leucas cephalotesLOTUS Database
Leucas cephalotes SPRENG.KNApSAcK Database
Leucothoe grayana Max.KNApSAcK Database
Licania pyrifoliaLOTUS Database
Ligularia pleurocaulisLOTUS Database
Ligustrum lucidumKNApSAcK Database
Ligustrum obtusifoliumLOTUS Database
Ligustrum robustumLOTUS Database
Lindheimera texanaLOTUS Database
Liquidambar formosanaLOTUS Database
Liriope muscariKNApSAcK Database
Lomelosia caucasicaLOTUS Database
Lonicera angustifoliaLOTUS Database
Lonicera nigraKNApSAcK Database
Loranthus falcatusKNApSAcK Database
Loranthus parasiticusKNApSAcK Database
Lotus corniculatusLOTUS Database
Ludwigia octovalvisKNApSAcK Database
Luffa aegyptiacaFooDB
Luma chequenLOTUS Database
Lupinus albusKNApSAcK Database
Lycopus asperLOTUS Database
Lycopus lucidusLOTUS Database
Lyonia ovalifoliaLOTUS Database
Lythrum salicariaLOTUS Database
Macaranga tanariusLOTUS Database
Machilus japonicaLOTUS Database
Malus doumeri varl formosanaKNApSAcK Database
Malus pumilaFooDB
Markhamia tomentosaLOTUS Database
Marsypianthes chamaedrysKNApSAcK Database
Matricaria chamomillaLOTUS Database
Matricaria recutitaFooDB
Maytenus boariaLOTUS Database
Maytenus woodsoniiLOTUS Database
Medicago arabicaPlant
Medicago arboreaPlant
Medicago hybridaPlant
Medicago polymorphaPlant
Medicago sativaPlant
Medicago truncatulaKNApSAcK Database
Medinilla fengiiLOTUS Database
Melanitta fuscaFooDB
Melastoma intermediumKNApSAcK Database
Meleagris gallopavoFooDB
Melissa officinalis L.FooDB
Mentha spicataFooDB
Meriandra benghalensisKNApSAcK Database
Miconia fallaxLOTUS Database
Mirabilis himalaicaLOTUS Database
Mirabilis jalapaLOTUS Database
Mitragyna speciosaPlant
Mitragyna stipulosaLOTUS Database
Mollugo oppositifoliaLOTUS Database
Momordica cochinchinensisKNApSAcK Database
Monticalia vaccinioidesLOTUS Database
Moquilea tomentosaLOTUS Database
Morella ceriferaLOTUS Database
Morella rubraLOTUS Database
Morinda citrifoliaLOTUS Database
Morinda citrifolia L.KNApSAcK Database
Mosla chinensisLOTUS Database
Mosla diantheraLOTUS Database
Mukdenia rossiiPlant
Mulguraea tridensPlant
Musanga cecropioidesLOTUS Database
Mutisia friesianaLOTUS Database
Myodocarpus gracilisLOTUS Database
Myrica galeLOTUS Database
Myristica fragransFooDB
Myrtus communisLOTUS Database
Neoboutonia glabrescens PrainKNApSAcK Database
Neoboutonia manniiLOTUS Database
Nepeta junceaLOTUS Database
Nephrotheca ilicifoliaLOTUS Database
Nerium oleanderKNApSAcK Database
Nernstia mexicanaLOTUS Database
Newbouldia laevisKNApSAcK Database
Nierembergia hippomanicaLOTUS Database
Nierembergia linariifoliaLOTUS Database
Nigella sativaLOTUS Database
Nothofagus pumilioKNApSAcK Database
Numida meleagrisFooDB
Nuxia sphaerocephalaKNApSAcK Database
Nyctanthes arbor-tristisLOTUS Database
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Linn.KNApSAcK Database
Ocimum basilicumKNApSAcK Database
Ocimum gratissimumLOTUS Database
Ocimum spicatumKNApSAcK Database
Ocimum tenuiflorumLOTUS Database
Oedera fruticosaLOTUS Database
Oedera genistifoliaLOTUS Database
Oenothera biennisLOTUS Database
Oldenlandia corymbosaLOTUS Database
Oldenlandia diffusaKNApSAcK Database
Olea europaeaKNApSAcK Database
Olearia paniculataLOTUS Database
Onychium lucidumLOTUS Database
Ophiopogon japonicusKNApSAcK Database
Oricia suaveolensKNApSAcK Database
Oriciopsis glaberrima ENGL.KNApSAcK Database
Origanum compactumLOTUS Database
Origanum dictamnusLOTUS Database
Origanum majoranaFooDB
Origanum vulgareFooDB
Orphium frutescensLOTUS Database
Orthosiphon stamineusKNApSAcK Database
Oryza coarctataLOTUS Database
Osmanthus fortuneiLOTUS Database
Osmanthus fragransLOTUS Database
Osmanthus heterophyllusLOTUS Database
Osyris albaLOTUS Database
Ovis ariesFooDB
Oxyanthus pallidusLOTUS Database
Pachycentria formosanaLOTUS Database
Paederia scandensKNApSAcK Database
Paeonia emodiLOTUS Database
Paeonia lactifloraLOTUS Database
Paeonia rockiiLOTUS Database
Paeonia suffruticosaLOTUS Database
Panax ginsengKNApSAcK Database
Panax JaponicusLOTUS Database
Panax quinquefoliusLOTUS Database
Patrinia heterophyllaLOTUS Database
Patrinia intermediaLOTUS Database
Patrinia scabiosaefoliaKNApSAcK Database
Patrinia scabraLOTUS Database
Patrinia villosaLOTUS Database
Pedicularis oederiLOTUS Database
Perilla frutescensLOTUS Database
Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton var.japonica HaraKNApSAcK Database
Periploca sepiumLOTUS Database
Pfaffia glomerataLOTUS Database
Phagnalon purpurascensLOTUS Database
Phasianus colchicusFooDB
Phillyrea latifoliaLOTUS Database
Phoradendron juniperinum-
Phoradendron leucarpumLOTUS Database
Photinia serrulataKNApSAcK Database
Phyllanthus urinariaPlant
Phytolacca americanaKNApSAcK Database
Phytolacca dodecandraLOTUS Database
Picea jezoensisLOTUS Database
Picramnia sellowiiLOTUS Database
Picris hieracioidesLOTUS Database
Pieris japonica D.Don.KNApSAcK Database
Piranhea mexicanaLOTUS Database
Pistacia terebinthusLOTUS Database
Pistacia terebinthus L.KNApSAcK Database
Plantago asiaticaKNApSAcK Database
Plantago depressaKNApSAcK Database
Plantago majorKNApSAcK Database
Plectranthus fruticosusLOTUS Database
Plectranthus ornatusLOTUS Database
Plumeria obtusaPlant
Plumeria obtusa L.KNApSAcK Database
Polyscias fulvaLOTUS Database
Pourouma guianensisLOTUS Database
Prosopis glandulosaKNApSAcK Database
Prunella vulgarisKNApSAcK Database
Prunus africanaLOTUS Database
Prunus aviumKNApSAcK Database
Prunus cerasusFooDB
Prunus dulcisLOTUS Database
Prunus zippelianaLOTUS Database
Psidium cattleianumLOTUS Database
Psidium guajavaFooDB
Psorothamnus arborescensKNApSAcK Database
Punica granatumFooDB
Punica granatum LINN.KNApSAcK Database
Pyrola japonicaKNApSAcK Database
Quercus macrocarpaLOTUS Database
Rabdosia rubescensKNApSAcK Database
Randia dumetorumLOTUS Database
Relhania acerosaLOTUS Database
Retanilla trinerviaLOTUS Database
Rhabdodendron amazonicumLOTUS Database
Rhabdodendron macrophyllumLOTUS Database
Rhododendron adamsiiLOTUS Database
Rhododendron barbatumLOTUS Database
Rhododendron spinuliferumLOTUS Database
Richardia brasiliensisLOTUS Database
Rosa bellaLOTUS Database
Rosa davidiiLOTUS Database
Rosa davuricaLOTUS Database
Rosa laevigataLOTUS Database
Rosa sericeaLOTUS Database
Rosa taiwanensisLOTUS Database
Rosa transmorrisonensisLOTUS Database
Rosa woodsiiKNApSAcK Database
Rubia cordifoliaPlant
Rubia cordifolia L.KNApSAcK Database
Rubus idaeusLOTUS Database
Rubus niveusLOTUS Database
Rubus parkeriLOTUS Database
Rubus ulmifoliusLOTUS Database
Rudgea jasminoidesLOTUS Database
Salacia chinensisLOTUS Database
Salvia aegyptiacaLOTUS Database
Salvia amplexicaulisLOTUS Database
Salvia amplexicaulis Lam.KNApSAcK Database
Salvia apianaLOTUS Database
Salvia argenteaLOTUS Database
Salvia brevifloraKNApSAcK Database
Salvia bucharicaLOTUS Database
Salvia caespitosaLOTUS Database
Salvia canariensisLOTUS Database
Salvia canariensis L.KNApSAcK Database
Salvia candelabrumLOTUS Database
Salvia candicansLOTUS Database
Salvia ceratophylla L.LOTUS Database
Salvia cuspidataLOTUS Database
Salvia desertaLOTUS Database
Salvia diantheraLOTUS Database
Salvia divaricataLOTUS Database
Salvia divinorumLOTUS Database
Salvia fruticosaLOTUS Database
Salvia glutinosaLOTUS Database
Salvia hierosolymitanaLOTUS Database
Salvia hydrangeaKNApSAcK Database
Salvia lanigeraLOTUS Database
Salvia lasianthaLOTUS Database
Salvia limbataLOTUS Database
Salvia lineataLOTUS Database
Salvia melissodoraLOTUS Database
Salvia melliferaLOTUS Database
Salvia miltiorrhizaLOTUS Database
Salvia montbretiiLOTUS Database
Salvia moorcroftianaLOTUS Database
Salvia nicolsonianaKNApSAcK Database
Salvia officinalisKNApSAcK Database
Salvia palaestinaLOTUS Database
Salvia pinnataLOTUS Database
Salvia pomiferaLOTUS Database
Salvia przewalskiiLOTUS Database
Salvia pubescensLOTUS Database
Salvia reflexaLOTUS Database
Salvia reglaLOTUS Database
Salvia reptansLOTUS Database
Salvia rhyacophilaLOTUS Database
Salvia rosmarinusFooDB
Salvia sahendicaLOTUS Database
Salvia syriacaLOTUS Database
Salvia syriaca L.KNApSAcK Database
Salvia thymoidesLOTUS Database
Salvia tomentosaLOTUS Database
Salvia verticillataLOTUS Database
Salvia virgataPlant
Salvia x superbaLOTUS Database
Salvia x sylvestrisLOTUS Database
Sambucus adnataLOTUS Database
Sambucus chinensisLOTUS Database
Sambucus nigraFooDB
Satureja cuneifoliaLOTUS Database
Satureja hortensis L.FooDB
Satureja montanaKNApSAcK Database
Satureja obovataKNApSAcK Database
Scabiosa ochroleucaLOTUS Database
Scabiosa soongoricaKNApSAcK Database
Scapholeberis mucronataLOTUS Database
Scaphopetalum thonneriKNApSAcK Database
Scorzonera creticaLOTUS Database
Scorzonera hispanicaLOTUS Database
Scutellaria strigillosaLOTUS Database
Scyphiphora hydrophyllaceaLOTUS Database
Sedum aizoonLOTUS Database
Senecio burtoniiKNApSAcK Database
Serjania salzmannianaLOTUS Database
Serjania triquetraLOTUS Database
Sideritis candicans var.eriocephalaKNApSAcK Database
Sideritis dendro-chahorraLOTUS Database
Sideritis discolorKNApSAcK Database
Sideritis lotsyiLOTUS Database
Sideritis lotsyi var. mascaensisKNApSAcK Database
Sideritis solutaKNApSAcK Database
Solidago virgaureaLOTUS Database
Spathodea campanulataLOTUS Database
Sphagneticola trilobataLOTUS Database
Stauntonia hexahyllaKNApSAcK Database
Stauntonia hexaphyllaLOTUS Database
Steiractinia sodiroiLOTUS Database
Stenocereus erucaKNApSAcK Database
Stereospermum acuminatissimumLOTUS Database
Struthio camelusFooDB
Strychnos potatorumKNApSAcK Database
Styrax ferrugineusLOTUS Database
Styrax tonkinensisLOTUS Database
Sus scrofaFooDB
Sus scrofa domesticaFooDB
Swertia angustifoliaLOTUS Database
Swertia chirataLOTUS Database
Swertia ciliataLOTUS Database
Swertia corymbosaLOTUS Database
Swertia japonicaLOTUS Database
Swertia leduciiPlant
Swertia macrospermaLOTUS Database
Swertia mileensisKNApSAcK Database
Swertia mussotiiKNApSAcK Database
Swertia przewalskiiLOTUS Database
Swertia pubescensLOTUS Database
Swertia puniceaLOTUS Database
Swertia randaiensisKNApSAcK Database
Swertia tetrapetalaLOTUS Database
Symphonia globuliferaLOTUS Database
Symphonia globulifera Linn f.KNApSAcK Database
Symphoricarpos albusLOTUS Database
Symplocos lancifoliaLOTUS Database
Symplocos racemosaKNApSAcK Database
Syncolostemon parviflorusLOTUS Database
Syncolostemon rotundifoliusLOTUS Database
Syringa reticulataLOTUS Database
Syzygium aromaticaKNApSAcK Database
Syzygium aromaticumKNApSAcK Database
Syzygium claviflorumKNApSAcK Database
Syzygium cuminiKNApSAcK Database
Syzygium formosanumKNApSAcK Database
Syzygium grandeLOTUS Database
Tabebuia roseaLOTUS Database
Talipariti tiliaceumLOTUS Database
Tamilnadia uliginosaLOTUS Database
Tanaecium pyramidatumLOTUS Database
Taraxacum officinaleLOTUS Database
Taxodium lanceolataKNApSAcK Database
Tephrosia strigosaLOTUS Database
Terminalia alataLOTUS Database
Terminalia arjunaLOTUS Database
Terminalia ellipticaLOTUS Database
Terminalia glabrescensLOTUS Database
Terminalia pallidaLOTUS Database
Terminalia superbaKNApSAcK Database
Ternstroemia gymnantheraKNApSAcK Database
Ternstromia gymnanthera-
Tetracentron sinenseKNApSAcK Database
Teucrium heterophyllumLOTUS Database
Teucrium marumLOTUS Database
Thalictrum aquilegifoliumLOTUS Database
Thalictrum minusLOTUS Database
Thevetia peruvianaLOTUS Database
Thymus caramanicusPlant
Thymus persicusPlant
Thymus pubescensPlant
Thymus vulgarisKNApSAcK Database
Trichodesma africanaLOTUS Database
Tridax procumbensLOTUS Database
Tripterospermum lanceolatumLOTUS Database
Tripterospermum taiwanenseKNApSAcK Database
Tripterygium wilfordiiLOTUS Database
Triumfetta cordifoliaLOTUS Database
Ulmus pumilaLOTUS Database
Ulmus pumila L.KNApSAcK Database
Ulmus uyematsuiLOTUS Database
Uncaria tomentosaLOTUS Database
Urtica dioicaLOTUS Database
Vaccinium corymbosumFooDB
Vaccinium macrocarponFooDB
Vaccinium myrtillusFooDB
Vaccinium vitis-idaeaLOTUS Database
Valeriana laxifloraKNApSAcK Database
Vepris suaveolensLOTUS Database
Verbena litoralisLOTUS Database
Verbena littoralisKNApSAcK Database
Verbena officinalisPlant
Viburnum cylindricumLOTUS Database
Viburnum erubescensLOTUS Database
Viburnum opulusLOTUS Database
Viburnum tinusLOTUS Database
Vigna angularisLOTUS Database
Viguiera decurrensKNApSAcK Database
Viguiera hypargyreaLOTUS Database
Viscum albumLOTUS Database
Viscum articulactumKNApSAcK Database
Viscum articulatumKNApSAcK Database
Viscum coloratumKNApSAcK Database
Vitis viniferaLOTUS Database
Vitis vinifera L.FooDB
Vochysia ferrugineaLOTUS Database
Withania adpressaLOTUS Database
Withania somniferaLOTUS Database
Woodfordia fruticosaLOTUS Database
Xanthoceras sorbifoliaKNApSAcK Database
Xanthoceras sorbifoliumPlant
Zataria multifloraLOTUS Database
Zea mays L.FooDB
Zenobia pulverulentaLOTUS Database
Ziziphora clinopodioidesLOTUS Database
Ziziphora tenuiorLOTUS Database
Ziziphus jujubaKNApSAcK Database
Ziziphus jujuba var.spinosaKNApSAcK Database
Ziziphus mauritianaLOTUS Database
Ziziphus zizyphusFooDB
Zygophyllum obliquumLOTUS Database
Chemical Taxonomy
Description Belongs to the class of organic compounds known as triterpenoids. These are terpene molecules containing six isoprene units.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassLipids and lipid-like molecules
ClassPrenol lipids
Sub ClassTriterpenoids
Direct ParentTriterpenoids
Alternative Parents
  • Triterpenoid
  • Cyclic alcohol
  • Secondary alcohol
  • Monocarboxylic acid or derivatives
  • Carboxylic acid
  • Carboxylic acid derivative
  • Organic oxygen compound
  • Organic oxide
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Carbonyl group
  • Alcohol
  • Aliphatic homopolycyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAliphatic homopolycyclic compounds
External Descriptors
Physical Properties
Experimental Properties
Melting Point310 °CNot Available
Boiling Point553.00 to 554.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg (est)The Good Scents Company Information System
Water Solubility0.0017 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)The Good Scents Company Information System
LogP8.576 (est)The Good Scents Company Information System
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility0.00082 g/LALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Acidic)4.74ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)-0.84ChemAxon
Physiological Charge-1ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count3ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count2ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area57.53 ŲChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count1ChemAxon
Refractivity133.62 m³·mol⁻¹ChemAxon
Polarizability54.87 ųChemAxon
Number of Rings5ChemAxon
Rule of FiveNoChemAxon
Ghose FilterNoChemAxon
Veber's RuleNoChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleNoChemAxon
DrugBank IDNot Available
Phenol Explorer Compound IDNot Available
FoodDB IDFDB013034
KNApSAcK IDC00019064
Chemspider ID10062
KEGG Compound IDC17148
BioCyc IDNot Available
BiGG IDNot Available
Wikipedia LinkOleanolic_acid
METLIN IDNot Available
PubChem Compound10494
PDB IDNot Available
ChEBI ID37659
Good Scents IDrw1270801
General References
  1. Marquez-Martin A, De La Puerta R, Fernandez-Arche A, Ruiz-Gutierrez V, Yaqoob P: Modulation of cytokine secretion by pentacyclic triterpenes from olive pomace oil in human mononuclear cells. Cytokine. 2006 Dec;36(5-6):211-7. Epub 2007 Feb 9. [PubMed:17292619 ]
  2. Rodriguez-Rodriguez R, Herrera MD, Perona JS, Ruiz-Gutierrez V: Potential vasorelaxant effects of oleanolic acid and erythrodiol, two triterpenoids contained in 'orujo' olive oil, on rat aorta. Br J Nutr. 2004 Oct;92(4):635-42. [PubMed:15522132 ]
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  5. Chung S, Yoon HE, Kim SJ, Kim SJ, Koh ES, Hong YA, Park CW, Chang YS, Shin SJ: Oleanolic acid attenuates renal fibrosis in mice with unilateral ureteral obstruction via facilitating nuclear translocation of Nrf2. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2014 Jan 6;11(1):2. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-11-2. [PubMed:24393202 ]