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Natural Product Mixture Metadata
Source Namewine- Manischewitz Concord
Supplier NameE. & J. Gallo Wineries
Mixture TypeCommercial/Synthetic
DescriptionUS/New York wine (E. & J. Gallo Wineries, New York) Red dessert/kosher wine, deep red color Medium-bodied, fruity, sweet wine, easy drinking Blueberry, strawberry and blackberry notes, aromas and flavors of fresh Concord grapes. Sweet yet balanced with a generous mouthfeel Sugar content 164 g/L (sweet), 10.5% alcohol Wine is sweetened or “fortified” with corn syrup The Concord grape was developed in 1849 by Ephraim Wales Bull in Concord, Massachusetts. Concord grapes are used for grape juice, and their distinctive purple color has led to grape-flavored soft drinks and candy being artificially colored purple. Methyl anthranilate, a chemical present in Concord grapes, is used to give "grape" flavor. Dr. Thomas Bramwell Welch developed the first Concord grape juice in his house in 1869, leading to the development of Welch’s grape juice. Through the process of pasteurization, the juice did not ferment Concord grapes have been used to make kosher wine and sacramental wine for >100 years
Compositionalcohol, sugars, phenolic acids, flavonoids, amino acids, volatiles, organic acids
Physical State of MixtureLiquid
Mixture SolventOther
Preparation MethodFermentation Product
Preparation ProcedureNMR Sample Preparation Total volume 250 uL Beer sample was filtered with 3KD MWCO centrifugal filter 200 uL beer sample 50 µL of a standard buffer solution (54% D2O:46% 0.2 mM (KH2PO4 + KH2PO4) pH 7.0 v/v containing 5.84 mM DSS-d6, 5.84 mM 2-chloropyrimidine-5 carboxylate (phasing compound) NMR Data Acquisition Bruker 700 MHz Avance III with CryoProbe, SampleJet 250 µL in 3 mm NMR tube Automated shimming and acquisition 1D-1H NOESY (noesypr1d) pulse sequence, water suppression 12 ppm sweep width, 4 s acquisition time 6 s per scan, 128 scans
Certificate FileManischewitz_Concord__certificate.pdf
Literature ReferenceUnpublished / Under Review
Mixture Spectra
Spectrum TypeDescriptionView
1D NMR1H NMR Spectrum (1D, 700 MHz, H2O, experimental)View Spectrum